Offering Exceptional Personal Attention to Patients

I had a terrible hand and arm injury that could have left me without use of my hand. Dr. Nahra and his surgical team took amazing care of me through my 2 surgeries as well as postoperative care. I am almost back to how I was before my accident and it’s nothing short of a miracle. I firmly believe that I wouldn’t have such a great outcome if it wasn’t for Dr. Nahra.


Patient of Mitchell E. Nahra, MD

I am a dental hygienist, so I use my hands all day. Last year I was experiencing terrible pain in my arm; it was so bad that I was unable to work or sleep which caused me great stress and anxiety. I assumed I had some form of carpal tunnel syndrome and went to see an orthopedic specialist (not Lake Orthopaedics). They quickly diagnosed me with CTS and scheduled me for surgery. Fortunately, one of my friends recommended I get a second opinion and referred me to Dr. Bucchieri at Lake Orthopaedics. Am I ever glad I did! After discussing the nature of my pain, he performed a simple test on me that showed I did NOT have carpal tunnel. He felt my issue was actually in my neck and prescribed physical therapy. He was right, and after a few sessions, my pain went away! I feel so grateful to him, not only because he took care of my pain, but because I avoided having surgery that I did not need.


Patient of John S. Bucchieri, MD

Dr. Parsons reviewed the MRI on my right shoulder and advised I had a full tear of my rotator cuff. He scheduled the surgery for two weeks later. The surgery and recovery described by Dr. Parsons was exactly as described. There were no surprises and I was prepared for everything. He came to my first physical therapy session and he devised a personalized plan with the physical therapist for my recovery. It has gone extremely well and I have Dr. Parsons to thank. He is really good and takes pride in what he does and what more can you ask? I am 3 months removed from surgery and there are times that I forget I had surgery on my shoulder. I am well on my way to recovery and I am confident that my shoulder will be even stronger than it was before. Thank you Dr. Parsons!

Vince L.

Patient of Eric M. Parsons, MD

Dr. Lupica is in my opinion amongst the best kind of doctor. He listens to what you have to say whether it’s small talk or health related. He’s extremely kind and always has a smile on his face. His office in Mentor is very clean and the nurses are also very friendly. If anyone in my family had an issue with their feet or ankles, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Lupica as their go to doctor!

Charles B.

Patient of Jeffrey C. Lupica, DPM

I knew I had arthritis in my knees, but I also had a torn cartilage that would lock my knee up. Dr. Webb and I talked about it and decided just to go ahead and do a total knee replacement.

I really felt fairly comfortable having this done. I had both my knees done by Dr. Webb. I know the type of surgeon he is. I know the results he gets. I wanted the best total knee I could get, and I knew he would give me that.

Dr. Steven Combs, MD

Retired partner at Lake Orthopaedic Associates and Patient of Bradley T. Webb, MD

Dr. Weisburger accommodated my schedule for surgery when another Dr from another practice had to be replaced. I can’t explain how happy I am that I ended up in Dr. Weisburger’s office. His office staff is easy to talk to and treated to me as if they knew me not as if I was bothering them.


Patient of Michael C. Weisburger, MD


They are the best. I’ll use my wife as an example, I trusted them to operate on her. Every patient comes back happy. From a medical point of view, they are not coming back to me with complications. They are very conservative; they often recommend injections and physical therapy first; surgery is down the line.

Dr. Richard Berry
Lake County Family Practice


I like them, they are good normal guys, they take really good care of their patients. It’s rare that anyone complains about them. Not all surgeons are like that. I try to send my patients to people I have a track record with and will know they are getting taken care of. The guys at Lake ortho are a little old school, but in a good way. They do not look down on people and treat them like you want to be treated. You would send your mother to them.

Dr. Pat Boylan
Lake Physical Medicine


They actually solve the patient’s problems and have great outcomes. They are caring and compassionate. They connect with their patients and have good relationships with them. I have a lot of trust in them. They take excellent care of my patients and follow up. I have sent my own family to see them.

Referring Physician
In the Lake County Region