Insurance Plans

Confirm Lake Orthopaedic Associates are a participating provider on your plan

Lake Orthopaedic Associates, Inc. accepts most major insurance plans. We strongly recommend that you call your insurance company to confirm that we are a participating provider for your plan.

What if Lake Orthopaedic Associates are not on my plan?

If we are not on your plan, you may still be able to see us, but you will need to understand your in-network and out-of-network benefits. Your insurance company can provide these details for you.

Since insurance rules and regulations are different for each insurance company and insurance plan, your insurance company is the best source of up-to-date information.

Familiarizing yourself with your insurance will help your visit to our office go smoothly!

What to know and have for your appointment from your insurance company

Please bring your insurance identification card to every visit.  Also, please verify beforehand if your visit requires a co-pay.

Forms of Payment

LOA gladly accepts America Express